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Heartburn No More

Heartburn No More

By Jeff Martin 
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Disclaimer: This should not be used as professional advice. Individual results may vary.

About Heartburn

There is nothing more dreadful than having an anxiety before eating a meal, and instead of anticipating enjoyment in your food like most people do, you fear it will cause another long, unpleasant session of acid reflux, more commonly known as heartburn, as the burning pain in your chest is located behind your breastbone.

Heartburn is caused when stomach acid is refluxing up into the esophagus. Its symptoms can vary but are commonly manifested in the following ways:

As is always the case with online content you will see a wide range of treatment options, from prescription drugs to home-made remedies, but few are actually addressing the root cause of heartburn instead of just temporarily treating the symptoms.

Things That Don’t Really Work

Esophagus inflammation, stomach acidity, and burning sensation are a problem in the sense that they cause you discomfort, but they are only symptoms of a greater imbalance:

A Holistic System

Acid reflux is caused by many things that disrupt your normal functions: sluggish indigestion, over-acidity, toxin build-up, Candida overgrowth, lifestyle factors such as poor diet, stress, irregular sleep, obesity...

To tackle all these obstacles life throws at you, a multi-factorial program can be effective at dealing with your acid reflux. Heartburn No More contains a 5-step approach that offers relief.* The foundational principles outlines in the program help you with all types of acid reflux.

Here is a small portion of the information you will find in Heartburn No More:

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
Heartburn No More
Heartburn No More 
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